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AE RADIO SHOW – 2013-11-24 – EP 059


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Author Kacy aka Armanis Ar-feinial stops by for the 2nd time to talk about his book being published. JR is his usual honest self to him. We find more about Tony Sabatori, Arty’s “Friend”. We find out some interesting info about our guest. Arty wishes his friends a happy engagement and JR is very optimistic about their future. We talk a little about Arty’s ADD. JR brings up the topi of wet dreams and explains how he never had one. Arty introduces a new character to the Spencer. Towards the end of the show JR can only take so much and taps out on Arty. A song from Arty & Joe called “Teenage Romance” and a whirl wind report with Adam Mallett. how brought to you by The Packie –


AE RADIO SHOW – 2013-11-17 – EP 058


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Ep 058
For the 4th time on the show, Adam Mallett stops by. Adam does the Whirl Wind Report at the end of each episode. Jr starts the show off by attacked Adam for being himself. Adam talks about his stalker that is leaving him gifts and notes. Arty gets sauced up before the show and during the show. The crew talks about the Dig Boston Awards they attended last week. Arty, Adam and JR share talent show stories from the younger days. Tony Sabatori stops by for a rap session. JR goes on a Bill Marr rant. Aftertalking about the Sheen family and Feris Buller, the show decided they will act out Ferris Buller for the day. A song from Late to Logan called “that’s What she Siad” and a whirl wind report with Adam Mallett brought to you by The Packie –

Average 6


The Tracks

  • Average 6 – Cheerleader Song (Live 2001)    – 2001 (click to listen)

During middle school and high school, Arty had this huge crush on a girl named Jess who was a cheerleader. It was ridiculous how much this girl wanted nothing to do with him. After a night of writing a cool song, Arty decided he would take the lead on writing the lyrics and make it about this girl. Her nickname was bangs because when Arty met her in 1998, while he was in 8th grade, she had bangs and the nickname stuck. She probably has no idea a song was written about her and probably never will. This was his chance to play the song live for her, and I bet she had no idea.

Summer’s lyrics were written by Arty and Joe P. it was about finding a love during the summer. It was a romantic song to set the tone for the summer. Arty and Joey P would later on record this as a duet.

A song written weeks before the first live set the boys would ever play, they decided to add it to the cue. They opened the 2001 RHS talent show with this for about 1000 people. Arty never rocked so hard on the drums before. From when the first note was played to the last crash of the cymbals, it was the greatest 3 minutes of their lives.

The boys favorite band was Blink 182. The first cover they learned was Damn It and they played it until their finger bleed. One day fucking around during practice, Adam grabbed the mic and the boys played their ass off.

During middle school and high school, Arty had this huge crush on a girl named Jess who was a cheerleader. It was ridiculous how much this girl wanted nothing to do with him. After a night of writing a cool song, Arty decided he would take the lead on writing the lyrics and make it about this girl. Her nickname was bangs because when Arty met her in 1998, while he was in 8th grade, she had bangs and the nickname stuck. She probably has no idea a song was written about her and probably never will.

During High School, Arty had a weird obsession with turning his room into a night club, with black lights and strobe lights. The band would practice in Arty’s bedroom. This song was written during April Vacation of 2001 after a trip to Boston. The boys had written this cool riff and then just made up lyrics along the way while we set up a video camera to capture it all.

This little song was written in the summer of 2001. a little tow tapper if you will about hanging out on Revere Beach in the summer, eating cheeseburgers and such. Arty had just bought a cow bell and felt the need to get it worked into a song. A sing along for the whole family!

This was a song written in 2001 because Arty and Joey M were obsesses with the girl group Dream. Some how the boys were able to convince Adam and Joey P to write a song for the group. Along with the song, Joey and Arty put together a video that they sent off to Dream in NYC. In the video each boy talked about their favorite dream girl. It was a very uncomfortable video to watch and we wish we had a copy of it somewhere, we do in fact have the song tho.

This song was taken off a saying made famous by friend of the band Joey da Cheese who was a childhood friend of Arty’s that later knocked him out after a street hockey game in the October of 2000. No one really remembers what the two were fighting about, but it ended a friendship. Joey da Cheese would say that’s what she said after almost everything. It even got Arty kicked out of senior year English class for using it too much

This song was written in Joey M’s basement during April vacation 2001. The boys met over at Joey’s house everyday that vacation. Arty was dating a girl he met on Yahoo Chat and was planning on her coming to Revere one of those days, but she never did. That relationship ended by June of 2001

This song was written in Arty’s backyard in the summer of 2001. It is a quick tune with very limited lyrics and then recorded in Arty’ basement with a very rough system of recording using a karaoke machine that Arty stole from his little sister.

This track was one of the first of Load 84. The music was by Adam and the lyrics were a group effort, mostly Joey M and Adam. Adam brought this song to the band and we went with it.

About the Band

Average 6 was officially started in December of 1999. Drummer, myself and guitar/bass player Joey M were friends since 1989 and when the two got their instruments for Christmas that December, we decided to put a band together. Joey M’s little brother Mikey had recently got a bass guitar and we asked him to join in with us. At the time Mikey was in 8th grade while Joey M and I were in 10th. After months exploring their instruments and teaching themselves how to play, we finally were able to put a few chords together and form a couple of songs. The original name of the band was called “Accident Prone” but was changed soon after naming once my father discovered there was already a band with that name.

The next name of the band was called “84 Sheep Dog”, named after the type of van that was being driven in Joey’s & I’s favorite movie “Dumb & Dumber”. In early March of 2000, I was formally introduced to new found friend Adam C. Me and Joey M went to Middle School with Adam, but didn’t really know him since he was in another cluster at the Garfield School. It was an absolute accident that Adam and I started talking music.

Adam needed to change out of one of his classes and doing so made his chemistry and gym class get changed. It just so happened it was my class he was changed into. During gym one day Adam and I where talking about music and I had mentioned he was in a band with two other guys. Adam seemed to spark some interests. The next gym class Adam brought me a cassette tape of a few riffs he had put together. I invited Adam over to our next practice and no soon after, we started to record some of our songs on mini disk and tape. Adam was a more advanced guitar player than Joey M, so we gave him the lead and Joey would take Rhythm and the both of them would share vocals. The four of us were off as a group and we decided to change their name one more time and call ourselves Load 84, as in bust a load, and 84 for the year 3 of us were born.

We would get together during April and summer vacation and play whenever they could. In September of 2000, Joey and I’s long lost friend from middle school, Joey P caught wind of the group and asked if he could join. He plays a little more advance guitar than Adam and was really able to take the group to the next level. Mikey at this time had left the band.

In the summer of 2000, friend of the band, Joey P sparked interested in joining the group. Joey P was pretty advanced on guitar and with Joey M’s brother Mikey leaving that summer, there was an opening in the band. Joey M moved to bass, Adam to rhythm and Joey P on lead, with the two Joe’s sharing vocals. I was of course on the drums. on a late night discussion one night, the band decided to change their name to Average 6 in the spirit of the average size of a penis on a male.

The group recorded several songs and only played live together 3 times, (2 entirely). In 2001, they all four played the RHS Talent show, In 2002 Adam had quit the bad and the three remaining played the RHS talent show for the second time. In 2003 during spring break at a relative’s house of Joey P, a band let the boys play a couple of songs during their set. After that spring break night in south Florida, Joey M, Joey P and myself never played together again.

Sox Are Up 3-2 in the WS, But Don’t Get Cockie

It was 1986, I was 2 years old. The Red Sox were up 3-2 over the New York Mets. Now this scenario is a little different tho, the Mets did have games 6 and 7 at home. The Sox tonight have have a chance to win the first World Series in Fenway park since 1918. They have 2 shots at this. In 1986, game 6 October 25th, Mets tie the game in the 8th inning eventually leading to extra innings. Now many people are confused about what happened next. What really happen is the Wilson on the Mets hit a ground ball to Bill Buckner and what would be an easy out, lead to the ball going under his legs and finally Ray Knight scoring from 3rd to win. Although the Sox could of got that out and won the series, this game didn’t decided the series. The Sox has another chance the next day and couldn’t get out of their own way. Billy B didn’t loose the series for the Sox, the Sox not showing up for game 7 lost the series for the Sox. The series tonight has a 3-2 Boston lead, The Red Sox are at home and even though 1967 and 1975 the Sox were at home for games 6 and 7, they didn’t have a series lead going there. In 75 and 67 they were coming home down 2-3 AND they didn’t have beards. All I can say is good luck Red Sox. I will be watching this game dry heaving all night and walking around nervously around some sketchy South Boston bar talking to myself.

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What Tony Sabatori Looks like – Finally!


So for all of my fans out there, you should know that my fake name, my Tony Clifton of Arty 84 if you will is Tony Sabatori from Hoboken New Jersey. Arty 84 is from Revere, MA – home of the US’s first public beach, Tony is from Hoboken US’s first dump land. As time went on, the mythical character of Tony also grew. I would tell girls this was my name followed by some crazy story. Tony Sabatori is the Following:


AA Baseball Player for the Portland Seadoags – Tony is a Utility infielder batting 289 lifetime with a .997% infield percentage. I got a stand up triple last season on my first at bat.

Lead singer of the Band “Late to Logan”

Well today Tony was on the AE Radio Show – www/ and what he looks like was finally reviled.

I hope Tony S. is everything you thought it would be

Arty 84

What did you do with the Real Patriots?


Ok so its the half and the Patriots are losing 17-3 and with only a hand full of first downs by the Patriots, i need to ask, what did you do with the real Patriots? Were they tired being up all night watching the Sox game, and then you grabbed a few fans in the crowd wearing Pats jersey’s and was like hey lets take today off. Come on TB12, get your ducks all in a line! We can’t loose to a team named after an animal that has sex for pleasure, it’s just not right. And then Seabass goes down?! who’s going to be out next

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The Real Patriots Showed Up,


thank you to the

So i guess I was being to hard on the Patriots, I mean they were down 17-3 at the half when I wrote the last post, well they scored 24 unanswered points after my post, so I think Bill was reading The Packie and got inspired. Congrats Pats, looking good, well at least the second half.

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