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Top City Review – #99 – Bridgeport, Connecticut



City # 99 – Bridgeport, CT
Visited – Several times between 1986 and today
Reason – Driven through and stayed near by


Recap: This city is scary. It is the biggest city in Connecticut and probably the most crime too. I have driven through here several times over the year. In fact I almost was car jacked when a detour took me through some side streets in 2004 after a gas truck blew up and took out a bridge on the section of I-95.


A buddy of mine got a full boat scholarship there to play D2 ball and didn’t make it past the weekend. He moved in on Friday and was moving out on Sunday. It might of been the delightful sounds of gun fire at night or the fact he had a bullet hole in his dorm room window, but who didn’t have that at a school they went to right?


The worse part is if your going to NYC from Boston, there really is not other way to go. You have to drive by that shit hole. I did hear a rumor that there is a pretty decent strip club and cool truck stop in town. I might have to check it out next time I go by. I used to date a girl who lived a few miles down the road from Bridgeport. When she would get pissed at me, I would tell her I will go back to Boston and tell everyone you are from Bridgeport. She didn’t like that, much as the people of Bridgeport probably won’t like me shitting on their coastal town.







Pierce and KG back at the Garden & Ringo Fake Drumming


Last night was an emotional night at the garden. there were tears in the crowd as everyone cried watching the tribute videos for The Truth and KG. There was more wet eyes at the garden then at the primer of Titanic. At first people thought the tears were from season ticket holders weeping that their 4K investment to see a decent basketball team is losing value fast. If the video did any work, it held KG and Pierce to about 8 points total between the 2. The Celtics made a last ditch effort at the end but it wasn’t enough. Rondo did play his best game since being back with nearly a triple double, but the game was on ESPN, of course Rondo will be polishing his stats. Although the Celtics total win count isn’t old enough to drive in Massachusetts, the team isn’t totally bad. They are only loosing by small amounts, which leads to believe they are a stones throw from putting something together.

In other news, the Grammy’s and Pro Bowl were on TV Too!! Most Boston people caught the end of the Bowl since it was still on after the C’s game. If you bet on that game on the Over/Under then I hope you picked the under. Usually the over is the way to go, not tonight. It must be the new way of picking teams, or maybe these players realized they want to actually get hurt on a pickup game.

And last Ringo and Paul, Mccartney not Pierce, played together at the Grammys. Well Paul played and Ringo pretended. Some say Paul granted a “Make a Wish” for Ringo, I’ll have to agree.

Arty 84 – & @DjArty84 on Twitter

Is Spring Training here yet?

redsox spring

As we sit here at the end of January, all i can think about is baseball and that subway has the Janu-any campaign at full speed. With my plans for spring break (spring training) a little less than 2 months away, I cant help but to think how the Red Sox will do this year. Its 10 below 0 in Boston right now and about 65 in Fort Myers where the sox play. Get me to Ft. Myers. When I was asked last year at this time how the Sox would do, I had them finishing last in the Division. Boy was I wrong. I do still think for this team to be successful, they need to figure out who will be the starting pitching. There is no doubt the Buchholz is a tad on the injury prone, and who knows what we are going to get out of Lackey this year if anything. The Evil Empire to the south has made some moves adding to the arsenal of old and over paid players, whether they work out or not, we’ll find out in 9 months, until then go sox….and I mean go sox sign a pitcher :) 

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Top City Review – #100 – Detroit, Michigan


City # 100 – Detroit, Michigan
Visited – 2007, 2010
Reason – Family lives north of the city, Seen a Tigers & Lions games

Now I know there are worse cities in the country. The act that i have been to almost 1000 cities in this country, making the 100 list is pretty impressive. I always thought of it as if you can’t be first, then you might as well be the first loser. I hate to be hard of Detroit. since everyone else on the planet is, but come on guys, get your crap together.

Detroit was famous for the automotive industries and made most of its money making cars and trucks, then the greedy CEOs decided they will save a few bucks and move everything over seas. Well when 80% of your city depends on one thing and then it suddenly goes bye bye, we have a problem.

Detroit is one of the best sports cities in the country though. I put them up there with Boston, Chicago and New York for their love for their hometown teams. The fans although are sub par at best. I got yelled at by a bunch of miserable old drunks at a tigers game for clapping for the Sox. Go sit on a monkey wrench Tiger fans.You can tell that in the 2000s the city was trying to survive on building the teams new stadiums, with hope to bring businesses in. Another attempt was hosting the Super Bowl there in the mid 2000s.

The city has a long way to go to be back to what is what many years ago. You know the city is bad when they bring in the city limits so they don’t have to fix or maintain utilities. There is an abundant circle around the city that you will never want to find yourself in. Listen if you ever want to visit Detroit, stay in the burbs and drive in and leave before dark

Chief Wahoo no More


The baseball off season usually is pretty dull, specially this time of the year. Usually by the holidays big contracts are signed and changes start to occur in rules once the owners meetings are done. Not until about mid Feb we start getting some pre-season action talk. The Cleveland Indians wanted some action before then and announced today that Chief Wahoo will be saying goodbye.

For those who don’t know, he is the big red face Native American who has been the symbol for the Indians since the 1940’s. After years of pressure from Native American groups and the avoidance of isolating fans, the Indians give in. From a PR perspective, this makes the Indians looks compassionate and progressive, and not just because the play in progressive field. From a money stand point, they get a chance to sell some more stuff. More stuff equals more money, and face it the Indians aren’t making the same money they were back in the 90’s and early 2000’s. Times are tough over there in Cleveland. I know they made it to the playoffs this year, but they have falling off the national map a little. This move today might get them in conversation for at least a few months this year.

My opinion on this? Well Chief Wahoo is on the racists side. No other group or race would be characterized like Wahoo, so it is probably the right time to get rid of it. As for the team name, well I think it should stay Indians. Not saying there is any talk on changing the team name anytime soon, but the conversation had been brought up in the past.  A name is a name. The Indians or Native Americans in this case are a strong and intimidating group of people, and why wouldn’t you want to name yourself after that?

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51 days to Spring Training


Flight is booked, hotels are all set and transportation is arranged. This is the 2nd year WGST will be heading down to Florida for Spring training. The action starts in 51 days. I  will be heading down to Fort Myers and Disney World to see a couple of Red Sox Games.

This is the 11th straight year for me going down to Florida to see some games. I actually went to my first game in 1995 in April. The strike was the year before and the season was set to start the end of April. I was down in Fort Myers mid April 1995, and was able to see a few games before the season started. After I got to college in 2003, I went down every year for spring break and haven’t stopped since.

There is something special about spring training. Everyone starts of 0-0. There are new faces and old faces. You really know nothing about the teams in hand. The year after a world series win is always fun because there is so much hype about the up coming season.

How will the Red Sox do this year? I don’t know, You never know. All the predictions I have made in the past usually go out the window come April. One thing is for sure, it will be a great time!

Arty 84

PS. As many of you know, I ran for MLB Fan cave in 2013 and made it to the final 52, but lost in the final round. This year I am doing it all over again. Please help me out by sharing my videos on twitter and FB with #MLBFC2014 & @DJARTY84 View Videos – And check out my campaign page