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Inside Busch Stadium III – Arty 84 Baseball Park Reviews #7

July 9, 2007
Inside  Busch Stadium III – Arty 84 Baseball Park Reviews #7
By Arty 84
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Stadium Name: Busch Stadium III
Team: St. Louis Cardinals
League: MLB – National League Central
First Date Visited: 2007
Opposing Team: Arizona Diamondbacks
Date Opened: 2006
Date Closed: NA
Overall Rating: (1-10) 8
Notable Award: Beautiful red brick views of the St. Louis Arch and Mississippi River.
Despite what many people have to say about St. Louis, I had a wonderful time. This was the second park on the 10 day road trip we were taking and as we pulled into the city we expected the worse. We had been on the road for about 12 hours that day, leaving Pittsburgh and heading to St, Louis with a stop in Louisville, KY to check out the Louisville Slugger Museum.
We stayed in a hotel right down the street from the ball park so it was a quick walk over. We made it into town just in time to get to the game, but when we headed over to the giant arch, we realized it would be a good two hour wait to take the elevator ride up so we opt just to do that next time we are in town.
We headed over the park and made our way in. Since this was a 10 day road trip, we tried to go as cheap as possible. From what I remember the ticket prices here were high so we had to get standing room. I think that was still a 20 dollar ticket. Our theory was it wasn’t going to sell out so we would walk up to the upper level and grab a seat up there, harmless right? We couldn’t of been more wrong. There was a guy at every level checking tickets, so needless to say we walked all the way to the top just to walk all the way down. By that time all the available places to stand we gone. I took us about 3 innings to find a solid place to stand.
We stayed for most of the game considering it was a Tuesday night and we weren’t planning on doing much at night. The problem we did run into is that the city, other than around the ball park, basically shuts down after 6PM, so looking for a place to eat or be able to go in with someone under 21 was impossible. Oh and our hotel didn’t have room service either so we pretty much starved that night.
As for the stadium, it was beautifully done. It was a replacement for another concrete donut multiplex stadium. The old stadium was right next door to this one. In fact when building the new stadium, they were only able to complete up to a small sliver in center field where the bleachers are because the old stadium was in the way. They construction workers had to wait until the last game of the season in 2005 and remove that section of the old stadium first so the new stadium could be completed before opening day in 2006. It was a impressive feat that the construction workers were able to do. Busch III was opening on time 100% complete by April of 2006.
The stadium has a huge concourse and all the modern perks of a modern stadium. Great views from around that park. The stadium room was located on the main walk way between the grandstand and box seats so you had to deal with people walking in front of you the whole time. Also for a stadium that is owned by a beer company, i expected at least the bud and bud light to be cheaper, boy was a wrong.
The stadium was nice and there the area we were staying was also seemed safe. There is a parking lot there, located where the old stadium was, but if you were going to visit, I’d stay in town. We only had about 6 hours total so I can’t really give a true assessment what the night life in and around the stadium was like, but from sources, there is a night life before and after game around the stadium.
This has been Arty 84
@djarty84 on twitter
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