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Inside Petco Park – Arty 84 Baseball Park Reviews #23

June 26, 2011


Inside Petco Park – Arty 84 Baseball Park Reviews

By Arty 84 – &

Stadium Name: Petco Park

Team: San Diego Padres

League: MLB – National League West
First Date Visited: 2011
Opposing Team: Atlanta Braves
Date Opened: 2004
Date Closed: NA
Overall Rating: (1-10) 9
Notable Award: Old school baseball park feel, in a new school building

Old historic building in left field. Build around it and incorporated it into the design. Easy to navigate through. Nice little downtown feel with a public park allow patrends to watch the game for free. A little baseball diamond is also there for the kids. A nice deisgn with very few blind spots. Circulation is easy to use. Odd think is they seemed to take the away teams bullpen an move it to the right field foul space in stead of where I think it should be to the right of center field. Instead that space is a beach pit. Awesome view of the city. Large fan base. Nice use of the ivory throughout the park on the walls and walking bridges.

The ease of getting to the stadium is fair. A trollie stop will take you to the front door but they run very slow  and not often. Parking can be as low as 10 dollars. As moat stadiums traffic can be am issue before and after the games.

Basic pizza and bar def was a great place to eat.

I stayed in la jolla an upscale beach community. Beautiful view of the pacific ocean.

Arty 84

@djarty84 on twitter

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