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Jet Blue Park Review

March 24, 2013

jet blue park – 2013

First time at Jet Blue Park in the second year since opened. On a positive note it is a step up from the old park they used to play in down the road. Compared to this, City of Palms park, where the Sox played for over 20 years, is garbage. This Park is located in the middle of no where in a part of Ft. Myers that hasn’t be developed yet. This makes it great to get to and from and allows plenty of places to park.The old park in downtown had terrible parking and you basically had to pay someone to park in the front yard, which I did several times.
The new park has the same dimensions as Fenway Park, which makes sense right since you are practicing for the real season? I think all spring training parks should be set up like that. There is also a to scale green monster in left field with the old Fenway man operated score board which they took out of Fenway and stored in South Dakota a few years ago. The back part of the Stadium looks like every other Spring training park with the press box and club seats, but the only difference here is the contemporary style roof design rather then the traditional flat or slightly slanted design.
Now for the draw backs of this place. First off the Red Sox manage to take the majors and spring training prize for the most over priced seats. Im sitting in a 27 grand stand seat which at fenway would be a a 52 dollars seat. A practice game seat should not be 50% less then a real game. This seat should be no more than 10. After service fees the ticket cost roughly 40 dollars. Next on the gripe list is parking. I paid 5 dollars only because I parked a mile down the road, to park at the stadium it would of been 10. And last on my list is a shot glass costing 10 dollars should be a crime. I have collected shot glasses from every major league park, except for LA Dodgers but we all know that story, and no glass ever cost more the 7 dollars. 10 Dollars! you got to be kidding me John Henry. For Spring training games i usually collect a baseball that has the park on it, but those at one time were only 7 dollars and apparently since 2009 the price of fake baseballs have double due to inflation.
Jet Blue Park is nice t o see, but when they play the twins 3 times a spring season at their park down the road and the prices are more than 50% less, why would you waste you money at Jet Blue Park? But this is a gripe that will never change. Until people stop paying top dollar for tickets and the stadium become half empty, prices won’t go down. I buy my regular season tickets on stubhub hours before a game for 75% off, you should too. Don’t wait in virtual waiting rooms all day on a saturday in December, just wait and you ‘ll save!
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