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McKechnie Field Review – Pittsburg Pirates – 2013 Spring Training Update

March 24, 2013

McKechnie Field – Pittsburgh Pirates Spring Training – Bradenton FLA – 2013 – 

Live Blog so please excuses type-o’s =)

This is my first time to McKechnie Field here in the wonderful city of Bradenton Florida. I am being sarcastic about the nice town. As many older Spring training parks, they are located in run down small Florida towns, with very little around and lacking the modern convinces of a modern ball park like the Philies, Twins and Red Sox have. The two that really make or break a park is parking and ease to get to. Something the Red Sox had struggled with for years with their old park. The Pirates also have this same issue. Located in a middle of a neighborhood, this field would be more suitable for a High School team, but the stadium has been here since 1923 so I understand that is something they can’t really deal with. Parking for the stadium is non existing. I parked down the street in a car dealer lot. The stadium does have a smaller lot for itself and parking is $8 dollars.
The stadium, although been in the same location of 23 years, does appear to have been updated in the last 10 to 15 years. Its a smaller spring training park, but the Pirates are small market team. Only $12 dollars for a grand stand seat and I’m 10 rows off the field, not to bad. The crowd is average with a large amount of orioles fans here to see the O’s, who spring train about 20 minutes down the road in Sarasota. 
Pirate fans are very like the rest of pittsburgh fans, not really friendly. When I write this the score is 4-0 in the top of the 1st, with bases loaded and 1 out. Not a very good start to the Pirates, who yesterday played the Red Sox fairly well. Did I mention it is the top of the first and the pirates manager and catcher have got thrown out for arguing balls and strikes and the Pirates are already on their 2nd pitcher of the day. Its going to be a long hot afternoon here in Bradenton FLA.  As I typed the last work a grand slam was just hit. It is now 8-0.  The crowd has just stopped talking baseball and now the number one topic here is the fact their i hockey tonight in Pittsburgh. 
The stadium is nice. It would make a perfect minor league park, which it is used for in regular season. The location is just terrible, and the way the Pirates are playing today, but hey they do have pulled pork sandwiches, so i guess it isn’t all bad here.  
oh and one more thing…. why does every spring training stadium do the weather of where the home team plays and everyone laughs when they announcer says its cold, no kidding its cold, if it wasn’t they wouldn’t spring train in Florida.
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