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Florida Exchange Field – Toronto Blue Jays Spring Training – Dunedin FLA – 2013

March 25, 2013

Florida Exchange Field – Toronto Blue Jays Spring Training – Dunedin FLA – 2013

Live Blog so please excuses type-o’s =)
So I’m down here in Sunny Florida, on a slightly breezy cool 70 degree afternoon. In the small Scottish settled town of Dunedin, home of the Blue Jays spring training, where they played for the last 37 years or so. The stadium is a little outdated, small and could use some modernizing, but unlike some of the other older stadiums, this neighborhood isn’t to bad. Yesterday leaving the Pirates game in Bradenton, I stopped in a bodaga near the stadium to grab a 6 pack and walked directly out of the place and ran to my car. Couldn’t get out of that town faster.Dunedin is about 2o minutes from my hotel I was staying last night in St. Pete. The bar down the road had industry night and since I am also a bartender in Boston, I got 2 for 1 drinks.
It is the 2nd inning and the Blue Jays are beating my cousin Ryan’s favorite national league team,  the Phillies. The Blue Jays are looking pretty good, since they have half the Marlins team from last year, they should do good. There is a large amount of Canadians down here, since a lot of the old folks retire down here for our friends to the north. They love singing their national anthem proud and love their canadian beer. The guy selling the beer is a humorous fellow. Not quite as good as the beer here guy from the Marlins old stadium, but close. 
The stadium is about the size of a big high school field.  Its a shame the Jays don’t have a bigger one, because it looks like spring training games bring in a bigger crowd then games up in Toronto. Fans a lot more friendly, ticket prices are lower but parking is about the same, $5 dollars. 
After this game I am suppose to travel 2 hours south to Port Charlotte for a Rays game, but 2 hours down and 3 hours back, with having to drop my rental off tonight doesn’t seem like  its going to work. Especially since I have a 5:30 am flight back to cold ass Boston.
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