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Baltimore, MD Night Life Review – April 2013

April 29, 2013

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Baltimore, MD Night Life Review – April 2013
By Arty 84
Reason in Baltimore: 4th time in Baltimore. First time not for a Orioles game. Went for a Bachelor party. Baltimore has its really nice sections, Inner Harbor & Fells and its really bad, everywhere else. Be careful we you go to in Baltimore. If you go to Baltimore St where most of the strip clubs are, its in them middle of a rough part of town. Stay near the inner harbor and fells area would be my suggestion. All these locations I mention below would be great during baseball and football season, along with a year round non sports related visit. BWI airport is slightly smaller then most major airports. Shaped like a horse shoe and its kind of a pain to get to one side to the other, where the light rail pick you up.

Name: Max’s Tap House
Category: Beer Bar
Address: 737 S. Broadway
Neighborhood: The Fells
Day of the Week Visited: Saturday
Review: Checked out this spot on a bachelor party. I am a big beer snob, so I like places the have several varieties to chose from, specially local and rare finds.  This place had several tab and bottles and they provided a list with the options. The problem with the list is that it wasn’t in any particular order. Possibly splitting it up by kinds of beer, regions or colors may be a little helpful. I was a little overwhelmed to make a choice since it was late saturday night and very crowded. I had order one of the nitro IPA’s which was suggested on the website review. The guy behind that bar was prob in his 30s with glasses and was a Dick. They were out of the Nitro and he rudely asked me what I wanted and I told him and he was a being a sarcastic dink. I decided on another type of IPA and eventually got a white ale which wasn’t bad. Not sure what the variety of white ale it was. It may have been a hefewizen or a weissbier. It was pretty busy and had a good vibe. No dance floor or anything but it did have a weird crowd there that night. Kind of socially awkward people that were just weirdos. Not sure if this is a typical saturday night, but most place I go to don’t have people who go into the men’s room and scream they like penis and are gay.  We spent a good hour or so there and there was no cover which was good.
Name: The Horse You Came In On
Category: Tavern/Life Music
Address: 1626 Thames St
Neighborhood: The Fells
Day of the Week Visited: Saturday
Review: Supposedly the favorite bar of Edgar Allan Poe. It is in an old brownstone, that is very narrow and walls and columns that make getting around a little challenging. They did have a satellite bar setup on the opposite side of the wall bar. The bar back actually gets in and out of the bar by climbing out the window. There was a cool acoustic band with a guitar player and drums with bongos. The crowd was cool and so was a music. There were a lot of people there, so getting back to the bathroom is a pain in the ass. once you found a spot to stand, you really don’t want to leave that area. No complains here. was very similar to many Boston bars I have been to. The Fells area of Baltimore is really cool with plenty of choices. There was also no cover.
Name: The Ritz Cabaret
Category: Strip Club
Address: 504 S. Broadway
Site: NA
Neighborhood: NA
Day of the Week Visited: Saturday
Review: Not a bad place considering what I expected in Baltimore. There was a wall bar when you first got in to your left and the dance strip AKA pervert row was to the right. drinks were prices, but it is a strip club. The cover was 10 dollars to get in also and beers started at 6 and mix drinks at 9ish. girls was alright. They weren’t pushy. The crowd was a mix between asian business men and spanish thugs, but never really felt unsafe there.
Name: Luckie’s Tavern
Category: NIght Club
Address: 10 Market Pl
Neighborhood: Power Plant
Day of the Week Visited: Friday
Review: Go there around 9 on friday night and it was a little slow. by 10 the places started filling up. Drinks were pretty decent. Bachelor of the party got to drink free. Never had to wait long for a drink. Crowd was good. A nice mix of age and men & women in there. Good music and the places was either connected or part of another places that was open so when you needed air, you can just move over without leaving the place. It is part of the Power Plant group of bars and clubs. They check your ID to get into the area and then again at the bar which I thought was odd. They were giving out free cider when we were there for some promotion. They also had sports on the TV. we went there to watch the Celtics playoff game and it was on.Stayed until 1ish and it was still packed. Def would check it out again if I’m back in town
Name: Harbor East Delicatessen & Pizzeria
Category: Pizza & Deli
Address: 1006 Aliceanna Street
Neighborhood: Inner Harbor
Day of the Week Visited: Saturday
Review: great pizza place that was near our hotel. We ate there for lunch and then went back around 2AM when we left the bar after last call. The BBQ chicken pizza was some of the best I had. The crab cakes were alright, but a little fishy. they do have 32oz beers which is nice. The only downside of this place was when we went late at night, there were two russian looking guys who just stood there with their arms cross looking at who i think was one of the employees and there were two men who looked like security but had their gun exposed. wasn’t really sure if this is the norm in Baltimore or not. We didn’t experience that at 5PM only at 3AM.
Name: Hilton Garden Inn Baltimore Inner Harbor
Category: Hotel
Address: 625 S. President Street
Neighborhood: Inner Harbor
Day of the Week Visited: Friday
Review: A pretty nice hotel a few blocks away from the inner harbor. It was about a 20 minute walk from the light rail and Camden Yard where the O’s play. Also about a 20 minute walk to the Fells area of town. The rooms were nice and clean. I am very anal about hotels and I would def stay here again. The area of town was also nice. Didn’t get a chance to check out the pool or bar inside, but one of the guys we were with check out the bar and said the girl had a bad attitude, maybe she was just having a bad day. Stayed there two nights and the rate was fair for spring weekend in Baltimore. I think parking was 25 or 30 a night. They didn’t have an airport shuttle and the light rail to the airport doesn’t start running until 11am on weekends so I need to take a 30 dollar cab at 6AM on a Sunday. There was a cab waiting tho and the front desk people were very nice. There was 6 of us for a bachelor party and we didn’t get any trouble at all.
Arty 84
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  1. shadowzz4 permalink

    Nice job man. I like the attention to specific and odd details, really helps visualize these places. Do more!

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