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AE Radio Show – 2 New Shows to Download Ep. 030 & Ep. 031

May 2, 2013
World wide comedic entertainment. Live from the Unregular Radio Studios at our Dig Boston Magazine Location in Boston, MA
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Ep. 030 – 2013-04-22
Show Recap:
Special guests Comedians Will Noonan & PJ Brown. First Episode at the new studio in the Dig Boston Building. We talk about the Boston Marathon Bombing, Arty‘s drip to the DR, We talking about the wonderful news media and our likes and dislikes of the media. we talk about about shows of our past and the cast members we wanted to bang. we talk about swingers clubs and ancient sex pleasuring devices. Will talks about Dr Dooms Comedy rooms and how he is now banned.
Ep. 031 – 2013-04-29
Show Recap:
Special guests Comedians Sam J & Sam Ike. We get Dr. Steve from the weird Medicine podcast call up along with Craig Landgren from the ballpark Chaser blog. Arty talks about his bachelor party experience in Baltimore last weekend. We have Florida crime news, JR has roommate issues and much more. Also Sports update with Adam Mallet.
This has been Arty 84
Live Blog so please excuses type-o’s =) – Read more of Blogs on &
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