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AE Radio Show – New Show to Download Ep. 032

May 9, 2013
World wide comedic entertainment. Live from the Unregular Radio Studios at our Dig Boston Magazine Location in Boston, MA –
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Ep. 032 – 2013-05-06
Show Recap:
Special guests Comedian Ethan Marsh, Calling in was Liza Stinton from Big Brother Canada. Also The boys from the PWA radio show attempt to give us a ring. In studio, Music guest Ace Dollface & and the Franky Lighting Band plays a few songs. The phones don’t work. We talk about arty not able to handle the English language. Cinco di Mayo talk. We get into Brianna mommy issues, Arty talks about an adventure he had in his jeep many years ago. a little Cedar Rapids IA talk. Brianna and JR get into a heated discussion about slashes and back slashes. Also Sports update with Adam Mallet.
This has been Arty 84
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