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AE Radio Show Presents – The Arty & Bo Show Ep 001-004 – 2008-2009

May 29, 2013
World wide comedic entertainment. Live from the Unregular Radio Studios at our Dig Boston Magazine Location in Boston, MA –
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AE Radio Show Presents – The Arty & Bo Show Ep 001-004 – 2008-2009
Before there was the Arty & Eric Show and the Adult Entertainment Radio Show, there was the Arty & Bo Show. Only on for a short time, the show was a spin off of Late nite with Arty 84. Towards the end of Arty’s college radio career, he teamed up with his co-editor of the schools news paper to form a comedy show similar to his last. This time Arty 84 had his friend Bo and it featured his comedian Friend Eric Powers, who later was Arty’s Co-host of the Arty and Eric Radio Show. Only 4 episodes still exist, so this week we will feature all 4 for your listening pleasure. We now present to you, The Arty & Bo Show.
Ep. 001 – 2008-05-22
Show Recap:
Arty & Bo Show Ep 001 last show before the summer started. just arty and bo in studio. Arty talks about his adventure to yankee stadium. Arty tries hard to get any info out of Bo. Celtics are in the playoffs and the boys talk about the future world champs. Eric Powers comes in late to the show to hang out. Arty obsessed over this girl he seen in the hall and is trying to track her down. The boys jam out to some J pop. the boys talk about picking up cougars at cougars bars.
Ep. 002 – 2008-09-19
Show Recap:
Arty & Bo Show Ep 002 first show on air after the summer. Guest B Lane and cousin Brittany. No Eric today on the show. Arty looses it on Bo trying to figure out any information about him. Bo keeps to himself and doesnt want anyone to know him. Bo is an interesting mix with Brit and B Lane. eric calls in on a date with 1 L. Bo is full of useless info and we are trying to get him a date. Arty teaches everyone the “ghost student” method of getting out of class early. Arty talks about the time one of his friends slammed his penis in the door. the group tries to give bo some dating advice
Ep. 003 – 2009-01-30
Show Recap:
Joey M, Eric Arty & Bo. Talk about stories from the past, trouble they have gotten into, girls, sex and everything in between. things get interesting and uncomfortable all at the same time
Ep. 004 – 2009-02-06
Show Recap:
Arty and Bo Show, just Arty and Bo in studio. the talks a little sports, a little girl talk and a whole lot of nothing. a few call ins. the last of the Arty & Bo Shows. This was the very last time Arty was ever on WIRE.
This has been Arty 84
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