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AE Radio Show – New Show to Download Ep. 035

June 9, 2013
World wide comedic entertainment. Live from the Unregular Radio Studios at our Dig Boston Magazine Location in Boston, MA –
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Ep. 035 – 2013-06-03
Show Recap:
Ep 035 – First show after a week off featuring comedians Caitlin Durante & Lauren Bancroft. Brianna and JR talk about JRs unemployment and a basement concert they went to with a bunch of teenagers.  We talk about former co-host eric and the guy who was caught exposing himself on the MBTA train who looked just like him. Brianna tells a story where at 13 she just decided to steal her dads credit card and fly to Tampa. Some interesting Florida crime news, funny as usual. Arty tells the PA girl story who may be fathering his 9 year old kid that may or may not be out there. We talk about un circumcised penis, Arty’s Di*k candy bar invention and much more more, and of course a sports update with Adam Mallet.
This has been Arty 84
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