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Arty 84’s Baseball Road Trip 2013 – ‘The Last Hurrah’ – Needs Your Help!

June 11, 2013


By Arty 84
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Alright everyone I need your help. As many of you know I will be going on a 11 day Road trip in Sept. during this trip I will be blogging my experiences while I see the last of MLB Parks on my list and completing the visiting of all 48 lower states. In the past I have shared my experiences on but this time since it will be really the last hurrah, I wanted to make it a documented video.

I have set up an indiegogo account to help with funding of this trip. The donations will 100% be used for the video to fund production, fund the camera person and all expenses along the way. With each donation, there is a Perk tacked along with it.

I have always had a dream to create a travel program on TLC or the travel channel where I would go around to all the major sports teams arenas, parks and stadiums and show the experience and inner secrets of the buildings, teams and the cities they are in and this hopefully will help to get the idea out there and maybe the start of something much larger

Arty 84

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