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AE Radio Show – 2 New Shows to Download Ep. 036 & Ep. 037

June 24, 2013
AE Radio Show – 2 New Shows to Download Ep036 & Ep037
World wide comedic entertainment. Live from the Unregular Radio Studios at our Dig Boston Magazine Location in Boston, MA –
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Ep. 036 – 2013-06-10
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Show Recap:
Ep 036 – actress and comedian India Pearl & Comic/Musican Ben Quick are guests on the show. we talk about when India used to be on the show all the time when it was the Arty & Eric show. A little sports talk about the Bruins in the finals and Eric and Artys possible trip to Chicago. They group talks about Ducks tours in Boston and how goofy tourists they are. We talk about how we should execute justice for sex offenders. 5 Florida Crime News stories. Ben Quick Sings his crying baby song and please let me put it in your ass live on the air
Ep. 037- 2013-06-17
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Show Recap:
Ep 037 – In studio, Boston comedians Erika Kreutiger and Marc Basch are live in studio. a little boston bruins talk and the terrific series they are in currently. JR perks up about some UFC talk and the upcoming match coming to Boston in the summer. the group talks about teen mom, miss Farah Abraham and her new porn video she released and her convo with Charlie Sheen and talk about her appearance on Opie and Anthony. With the talk of butt sex, arty reminisces on a time his buddy was having it and he ate wendy’s with the girls grandmother. The group talks about how they didn’t understand sex when they were kids and how bill clinton oral sex and stain on dress confused them. Some great florida crime news stories from JR. Arty talks about his sister coming back from Africa and how she might possibly come back with a diseases. Brianna also stats the every MLK BLV always has something bad going on there. Such talk offends Erika and she storms out of the studio making her the second guest ever to just leave the studio. We go back in time and talk about the Larry Craig arrest for tapping his foot in a mens room in MN finally a whirl wind weekly report with Adam Mallet.
This has been Arty 84
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