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AE Radio Show – A Classic AE Download – ARTY & ERIC RADIO SHOW – 2012-07-16 – EP. 026

June 26, 2013


World wide comedic entertainment. Live from the Unregular Radio Studios at our Dig Boston Magazine Location in Boston, MA
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Arty & Eric Radio Show – Ep. 026 – 2012-07-16
Show Recap:
Ep 026 – Way back before the AE Radio Show, there was the Arty & Eric. You may of heard

Eric Powers referred to as Ginger on current shows. This is a class episode the is well worth the download. In Studio is Arty & Brianna from the current show, along with friend of the show Will Noonan and his friend Langston Kerman. Eric has just broke the news to all of us that he is going Hollywood and is going to be an extra on the set of Grown Ups 2. Eric is very drunk this episode and can’t keep his thoughts and opinions to himself. He gets in it a little with Langston and really tells the world what he thinks of it. Its uncomfortable, funny and a must listen. This is a Classic AE Radio Show episode and if you haven’t heard it yet, here is your chance.
This has been Arty 84
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