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MLB All Star Game Apples on Parade in NYC – Game Plan & Schedule

July 12, 2013


By Arty 84
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The Task

So as I wrote in my last MLB All Star Game Apple blog, I am going to attempt to see all 35 apples in NYC tomorrow, Saturday July 13th. I am coming down from Boston and have a 10 hour window in NYC to get this done. To make sure it is do-able, I mapped out where all the apples were and calculated distances between them. I also broke it up into 5 legs. Each leg is basically one walk-able area bear the apples where I don’t need a cab or the MTA,

As far as I know, no one has done it in 1 day, never alone 10 hours. It is going to be tight, but I have a solid game plan and I over estimated time spent at each apple and location. I’ll be posting on both my twitters (my personal one @DjArty84 and my Radio Shows @AeRadioShow2000 ) These twitters are also connected to associated Facebook pages and Instagrams accounts.

How to Follow:

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and look for the #tag: #35inOneDay challenge #ASGapples

Leg 1


This a layout of the first leg of the tour. This leg will take about 60 minutes and cover about 2 miles before I jump on the train and head down town.

Leg 2


Leg 2 covers only 3 apples, but the are so spread out downtown, there will be some walking. In reality it only should take about an hour down here, but we’ll see how it goes.

Leg 3


Leg 3 takes me uptown to as far as 125th street. Again there are only 2 apples up this way but they are spread out between 25 blocks, so the train will be needed to get to both in a efficient amount on time.

Leg 4


Leg 4 is where most of the Apples will be down. This will take a few hours and cover about 6 miles of walking, zig zagging between 60th st and 40th street. If I am on time, I should be hitting the last apple in this leg by 6:30PM. That will give me enough time to take the train to Queens to get the last apple at Citi Field. If I don’t get the last apple by 6:40 in this leg, I’ll have to abort the mission at 34 because I won’t have enough time to get back to mid town to grab by 8:30PM bus back to Boston.

Leg 5

ImageLeg 5 is a 7 train ride to and from Citi Field. Once I get this apple, I should be back in midtown to get the bus by 8:PM and have successfully grabbed all 35 All Star Game Apples in 10 hours.

The Complete minute by Minute Game Plan


So if your in NYC tomorrow and want to follow me around, here is where I should be. Help me break a record and accomplish a goal live! NYC here I come. Gonna go apple picking!

This has been Arty 84


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