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Arty 84 Presents – The Enthralling Explorer Needs Your Help – Day 2 – Las Vegas NV

July 26, 2013


By Arty 84

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Arty 84 Presents – The Enthralling Explorer Needs Your Help – Day 2 – Las Vegas NV 

With the big trip about 5 weeks away, I have been putting together the sites I will be stopping along on my Big Baseball Road Trip – . What I want to know is, what is there to do when I reach each city. I will be in 11 different cities in 11 different days Las Vegas, NV which I should be arrive to around8PM local time on Sept 1st.

This will be day 2 for me on this 11 day road trip. Along the way to vegas I’ll be checking out Four Corners National Monument and the north ridge of the Grand Canyon. This will be my 5th stay in Vegas. I first went in May of 2008 and then again in November of 2008. I also went back twice in 2011. I have seen most of the Casinos on the old and new strip, Pawn Stars store. I been to the Gun Store to shoot some shit. While out there this time I will be going to The Heart Attack Burger Place and while leave the city the next day, I’ll be heading past Area 51 (more on this on the Reno Leg) I want to see stuff I never seen before, eat in place I have never eaten and drink places that are the best. Fellow Vegas-ites, what makes your town so great that I just have to see!

So what is there to do, see or eat in the bright lit town of Las Vegas, NV? Feel free to comment or email me at with your suggestions and be sure to follow my travels for those 11 days at where you can track my travels, read my live blogs and see the progress of the making of the film “Arty’s Baseball Roadtrip – The Movie” and info on that can be found on

Full Trip Rundown( some cities have been changed and not updated on the following link)

This has been Arty 84

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