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AE Radio Show – 2 New Shows to Download Ep042 & Ep043

August 5, 2013
AE Radio Show – 2 New Shows to Download Ep042 & Ep043
World wide comedic entertainment. Live from the Unregular Radio Studios at our Dig Boston Magazine Location in Boston, MA –
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Ep. 042 – 2013-07-22
Show Recap:
Ep 042
Guests on tonight comic Chris Dimitrakopoulos and musicians/film makers Sophia Cacciola and Michael J. Epstein for stopping by. Sophia and Mike talk about their new movie 10 comming out soon. Arty talks about his past birthday, We find out that Brianna and Adam Mallet are a possbile couple? Does Adam “tin can mic” have a big one? yes he does. Arty talks about possible killinh himself before he is 30 and will give out gifts to listeners each week. we talk about uncle jessie from full house belly button. we talk about full house fantasy stories and parody porn stories. JR brings up yet agian why he hates Video Underground in JP Boston. Arty goes off on Tucker Max, and how he doesn’t like him very much. and a whirl wind report with Adam big junk Mallet.
Ep. 043- 2013-07-29
Show Recap:
Ep 043
Big thanks to comic Brett Johnson, photographer Rochanna Buckley with models Katerina Zacharopoulos & Jackie Hunt for hanging out and humping all of us, Jackie talks about her jewish culture in a very un jewish way. we try to get Lester a job. We try to get JR an over the pants hand job from Jackie, but instead she dry humps the crap out of him. The band ” The Cultured” calls in and Arty asked them if they are having relastions with each other while on the phone. We play two of the tracks, Diamond Ring and 12 at close the show. is their site. oh and a sports update from tin can Adam Mallett
This has been Arty 84
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