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Arty 84 Takes Radio Show on Road – Will he be near you?

August 8, 2013


By Arty 84

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The Reason:

Arty 84 (@DjArty84 on twitter) will be hitting the road in September to film is documentary and to spread the AE Radio Show and make it know from coast to coast. Arty 84 needs your help though! What is there to do in these towns? Sites to see along the way? Here is where he will be:

The Tour Dates:

  • Saturday, Aug 31st – will be traveling between Denver & Albuquerque, NM -Spending the night in Albuquerque, NM
  • Sunday, Sept 1st – Traveling between Albuquerque, NM & Las Vegas, NV Spending the night in Las Vegas
  • Monday, Sept 2nd – Traveling between Las Vegas, NV & Reno, NV Spending the night in Reno
  • Tuesday, Sept 3rd – Traveling between Reno & San Francisco, Spending the night in San Francisco
  • Wednesday Sept 4th –  Traveling between San Francisco & Beullton, CA, Spending the night in Beullton
  • Thursday Sept 5th –  Traveling between Beullton & Oakland, Spending the night in Oakland
  • Friday Sept 6th,  Traveling between Oakland & Portland, OR, spending the night in Portland
  • Saturday Sept 7th,  Traveling between Portland, OR & Seattle WA, Spending the night in Seattle
  • Sunday Sept 8th,  Traveling between Seattle, OR & Helena, MT, Spending the night in Helena
  • Monday, Sept 9th –  Traveling between Helena & Salt Lake City, Spending the night in Salt Lake City
  • Tuesday Sept 10th –  Traveling between Salt Lake City & Grand Rapids, SD, Spending the night in Grand Rapids
  • Wednesday Sept 11th,  Traveling between Grand Rapids & Denver, Flying home to Boston that night.

Comedians, musicians, actors ect out there who want to be interviewed for the radio show contact arty at and we’ll set something up.

Help Arty’s Film

If anyone out there has any suggestions on what to see, places to eat or bars to visit, let Arty 84 know –

Thank you guys, and remember to listen to the AE Radio Show live every Monday night world wide at 9-10PM EST or listen when you want by going to anytime a day!

This has been Arty 84

@DjArty84 on twitter
Arty 84 BIo –
Inspiring traveler, writer, DJ, Radio Show Host, Musician, Bartender and Designer
29 Years old from Boston, MA –

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