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2013 Baseball Road Trip – Day 1 – 8/31/13

August 26, 2013
Day 1 – 8/31/13
  • The is Arty’s Baseball Road Trip 2013 – Documentary, that will take place over the next 11 days (8/31/13 – 9/11/13)
  • Follow My exact GPS location on the map by Click here
  • To Check out the entire trip, Click here
  • Pre Trip – 
    • Flight leaves Boston at 8:40 AM ET and Arrives in Denver 11:07 AM MT
    • After picking up my rental car, I should be on the road by 12 noon the latest
  • Stop 1 – 219 miles – 3 hrs 48 mins ETA 3:30 PM MT
    • On this trip I want to do visit some UFO related sites. I have always been fascinated by this subject. My next stop is the UFO Watchtower. Said to be built as a joke, but then found itself visited by tourist every year,
    • 2502 County Rd 61, Hooper, CO
  • Stop 2 – 32.8 miles – 39 mins ETA 4:40 PM MT
    • The last stop before heading to the hotel is still in Colorado. I am obsessed with drive in theaters and this next stop is just that, but instead of just driving your car there, you can watch a movie from your hotel room window! The place is called The Movie Manor Motor Inn
    • 2830 US Hwy 160 W., Monte Vista, CO
  • Final driving stop of the night- 219 miles – 3 hrs 45 mins ETA 8:45 PM MT
    • After what appears to be a heavy day of driving, I will be crashing at the hotel later that night
    • Fairfield Inn Albuquerque University Area – 1760 Menaul Boulevard NE · Albuquerque, New Mexico 87102 USA
    • With any once of strength left I may go out for a drink or two and explore New Mexico’s 2 AM last call (which will fell like 4 AM for mTotal Miles: 770
  • Total Miles: 471
  • Total Drive Time: 8 hrs 12 mins

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