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2013 Baseball Road Trip – Day 2 – 9/1/13

August 26, 2013
Day 2 – 9/1/13
  • The is Arty’s Baseball Road Trip 2013 – Documentary, that will take place over the next 11 days (8/31/13 – 9/11/13)
  • Follow My exact GPS location on the map by Click here
  • To Check out the entire trip, Click here
  • Pre Trip – 
    • First off I hope I am not to hung over or tired from the day before since this next night I’ll be in vegas
    • I would like to be on the road by 8:00 AM MT if at all possible
  • Stop 1 – 240 miles – 4 hr 2 mins ETA 12:00 PM MT
  • Stop 2 – 240 miles – 4 hrs 23 mins ETA 4:30 PM MT
    • Although I have been once before, the Grand Canyon is one of the most wonderful sites I have ever seen. Since I am driving right by it, it is tough not to stop in and say hello
    • Grand Canyon Village, AZ 86023
  • Stop 3 – 98.4 miles – 2 hrs 14 mins ETA 7:40 PM MT
    • On my way to Vegas I will take exit 139 on I-40 and jump on historical Route 66 for a little bit. Along the way I will stop at the Road Kill Cafe among other places along the way.
    • 502 W. Hwy. 66, Seligman, AZ
  • Final driving stop of the night- 191 miles – 3 hrs 1 mins ETA 10:30 PM PT
    • After what appears to be a heavy day of driving, I will be crashing at the hotel later that night and gain and hour due to time zones
    •  Las Vegas Hotel & Casino, 3000 Paradise Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89109
    • Since I am in Vegas, I have to go out and explore right?
  • Total Miles: 770
  • Total Drive Time: 13 hrs 39 mins

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