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AE RADIO SHOW – 2013-08-26 – EP 047

August 28, 2013


Click to Listen to Episode 047

Ep 047 – Tonight on the show, special guest Beauty & Extraordinaire Haley Blanchette stops by. Jr talks about his date last Monday with his new lady friend. The owner of video underground, a place where JR has been banning since October, goes missing and suddenly JR becomes a person of interests. We talk a little Johnny Cockrin. We talk about JR past Halloween costumers as black men. We bring up Mike Vick AKA Ron Mexico and is herpes and Roberto Alomar and the HIV story. Brianna talks about buying sex toys at target. The subject of add ons to condoms comes up. Haley talks about getting arrested and her ex. JR talks about banging his first cousins. caller Dave calls and within minutes JR proposes sexual activities. A little MTV music award talk We got a new website, check it out and download! and of course a whirl wind report with Adam Mallett – Live Monday’s 9PM-10PM EST World Wide

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