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AE RADIO SHOW – 2013-09-09 – EP 048

September 13, 2013


Click to Listen to Episode 048

Ep 048 – Arty is out exploring the west coast. Comedian and Kathy from Good Will Hunting, Colleen McCauley stops by and hangs out with the show. Jr talks about this Metallica movie that’s coming out that he is very excited about. We bring back the story how Brianna crossed state lines as a 15 year old. Jr talks about how he wants to go on a Tequila bender with his mom in Mexico but is afraid of being kidnapped by the Mexican gangster. Brianna talks about how she beats people up when she was younger. The question of JR’s Sexuality comes up once again. We find out we have sound board JR and he continues to state he has no comments on the church of Scientology. Colleen talks about problems with her vagina. Some Florida Crime New, Arty checks in on the road and a whirl wind report with Adam Mallett – Live Monday’s 9PM-10PM EST World Wide

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