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AE RADIO SHOW – 2013-09-30 – EP 051

October 2, 2013


Click to Listen to Episode 051

Ep051 – 

Arty is in Atl for the night, but JR and Brianna are joined with local Boston Comedians, Kristin Seltman and Kevin Seerfriend. They start off talking about gay bars in P-Town and JR making out with guys. A little talk about being a comedian and things you wish you could say. JR talks about how he cries during finales of TV shows. Brianna goes off on a Re-max Realtor and wants to make kids pull permits for lemonade stands. Arty calls in from the AT airport and talks about group strip clubs experiences and as soon as Arty gets off the phone the take turns shitting on him. The crew talks about times they bombed on stage and how bad it was. We also have a whirl wind report with Adam Mallett – Live Monday’s 9PM-10PM EST World Wide

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