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AE RADIO SHOW – 2013-11-17 – EP 058

November 19, 2013


Click to Listen to Episode 058

Ep 058
For the 4th time on the show, Adam Mallett stops by. Adam does the Whirl Wind Report at the end of each episode. Jr starts the show off by attacked Adam for being himself. Adam talks about his stalker that is leaving him gifts and notes. Arty gets sauced up before the show and during the show. The crew talks about the Dig Boston Awards they attended last week. Arty, Adam and JR share talent show stories from the younger days. Tony Sabatori stops by for a rap session. JR goes on a Bill Marr rant. Aftertalking about the Sheen family and Feris Buller, the show decided they will act out Ferris Buller for the day. A song from Late to Logan called “that’s What she Siad” and a whirl wind report with Adam Mallett brought to you by The Packie –

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