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MLB Fan Cave Time and I need your help! – 11/6/14

A Random Act of Kindness – 12/18/13

  • Last night I lost my phone at the Celtics game and it was returned to me thanks to a few people who I never even met. Click here to Read the Story

MLB 2014 Fan Cave – 11/19/13

  • Just got the e-mail the other day to start submitting for the MLB Fan Cave. Filming of my video short will start soon with the help of my radio Co-host JR Huffman, so stay tuned! –

More Changes Are Coming – 11/05/13

  • So If you haven’t noticed, we are re vamping this site. Not all the links work right now. Should be done in a week or so

Changes Are Coming – 10/29/13

  • So we just found out that the AE Radio Show, in which I am a co-host on, is moving to Sunday’s at 12 noon to 1PM EST. You can still listen online at world wide and check out past episodes there as well. This starts on Sunday November 3rd.
  • The Red Sox have a 3-2 lead coming back to Boston tonight. If they win either today or tomorrow, it will be the first World Series the Red Sox have won at Fenway since 1918. Go Sox!
  • If you haven’t already noticed, this pages format is changing yet again. This is to make it easier to navigate through.

World Series & Some New videos for your watching pleasure – 10/23/13

  • So it is Game 1 of the World Series tonight and yes of course I am going, It’s the Red Sox and I am a bigger fan than Jimmy Fallon in Fever Pitch. It is my second time going to a world series and this one cost my %50 less then the one in 2007 which makes me happy. I am 1-0 in World Series games, 0-2 in ALCS games and 1-1 in ALDS games life time. Look for me on TV, I’ll be the guy streaking threw the stadium, just kidding my mother would Never approve.
  • Also if you didn’t know I am running for the 2014 MLB Fan Cave, – Last year I was 1 of 52 finalist and lost to a kid from New York to rep the Red Sox, yea i know. This year I am starting my campaign early and have already released my first video. Enjoy. also below is a video of me singing Backstreet Boys in Seattle with my buddy Joey C. We were drinking that night and celebrating my accomplishment of seeing all the MLB Ball Parks before I was 30. It was a fun night. I hope you enjoy.

Alt trip and X-Mass Parties – 10/2/13

  • I am fresh back from one of my last weekend road trips of the year. spent the weekend in ATL to see the Patriots defeat the Falcons on Sunday Night Football. Got to see some family and check out Atlanta, awesome time
  • Also its that time of year, do you need a DJ for your company holiday party? DJ Arty 84 Entertainment is starting to book up pretty fast for Dec and Nov. Parties starting at $250-300. email Arty at or call at 781-241-2941 for a quote.

BACK! – 9/12/13

  • After 14 days on the road and in the air, I am back from my epic road trip. With the conclusion of this trip, I have been to 48 of the 50 states and seen every active MLB park and 3 others that have since closed. I’m working on getting pictures up on the site from the trip!

Less than 24 hours to the Road Trip of a Life Time – 8/30/13

  • As a make my final preparations, go down the check list and do some re arrangements on my route, I sit and ponder of how bitter sweet this trip will be. A part of me is excited, open road for 12 days, visiting some old friends, seeing cities and states I may never step foot in again and finally seeing every active MLB park, a task only accomplished by the true die hard baseball fans, but on the other hand I’ll be away from home, work, friend and family for almost 2 weeks were the majority of it I will be solo.  If you like to follow my trip, click here for the day by day linearity
  • I remember the first day I heard about such a trip. I was a kid and I over heard a conversation with some adults saying how they were traveling to a couple of stadiums to see baseball games and were planning on doing a few a year. As a kid, the notion of being able to do that is mind blowing, but then in 2004 when I was 20 years old I went to my second MLB stadium, then in 2005 2 more and by 2007 I had set a goal to see every active MLB stadium and with a lot of hard work, money and determination, if all goes to plan, 1 week from tomorrow I will be stepping into stadium #33 and by the 6th inning will have officially seen a full game in every active MLB  Park.

Less than 6 days to the Road Trip of a Life Time – 8/25/13

  • As a prepare for the road trip and mini documentary,  excitement and anxiety start to settle in. Currently I am working on my final preparations for the trips. Over the course of the next few days, I will continue to be mapping out my course, finding interesting spots on the way, confirming with my contacts and not get any sleep because I am way to excited for the trip. If you are at all interested in following me on my journey, I will be posting daily on my blog on this page, you can get my on my fan page, and you can follow me on the live map, Click here to see Arty’s real time GPS location on the Map

Follow Arty live – Aug 31st – Sept 12th 2013

The Brand New Where’s Arty dot com for all your Where’s Arty Needs – 8/22/13

  • This is the New Where’s Arty dot com. Setup to make it easier to reach the radio show, blogs, where i’ll be and much more.
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    I love you: ) have a fun safe trip!

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