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This is either a great World Series or the Worse Ever

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So the Sox tie the series 2-2 last night, big part to a 90 minute last thought decision to put Gomes in over Nava in left. Well I would say it paid off, considering Gomes hit a 3 run blast to get the sox a nice cushion. That a boy Jonny. On Saturday, it was the first World Series Game ever to end with an interference call, last night it was the first World Series to end with a pick off to first. What is going to happy tonight?  A balk? a hit by pitch? a snow storm? Who knows in this World Series. What I do know is it is now a 3 game Series and the Sox have home field advantage. A win tonight, things are looking pretty damn good. A loss tonight, well at least we have 2 games at home

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Sox Loss WS Game 3 on a fake call


After seeing the Red Sox last night loose in the 9th inning on a call that was something more than suspicious, leaves me to believe the Big Bud is dieing for a 7 game world series between two of the top 5 Baseball cities. The call was WRONG. I am not even saying this because I am a Boston fan. There was no interference. It was BS and everyone other than the fine people of St. Louis will agree with me. Below is the video of last nights call. If you look clearly Middlebrooks was laying there and was just trying to get up. Not his fault the dumb-ass on St. Louis can’t stay on his feet. Should of Salty thrown that ball to third? Probable not BUT great heads up play with Nava getting that ball to the plate. If this ultimately decides the world series winner, then Saturday October 26th 2013 will be a sad day in MLB history. The series is 2-1 and if I am the Boston Red Sox, I use last night to motivate myself to take 2 in St. Louis. Go Sox!

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AE RADIO SHOW – 2013-09-30 – EP 051


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Ep051 – 

Arty is in Atl for the night, but JR and Brianna are joined with local Boston Comedians, Kristin Seltman and Kevin Seerfriend. They start off talking about gay bars in P-Town and JR making out with guys. A little talk about being a comedian and things you wish you could say. JR talks about how he cries during finales of TV shows. Brianna goes off on a Re-max Realtor and wants to make kids pull permits for lemonade stands. Arty calls in from the AT airport and talks about group strip clubs experiences and as soon as Arty gets off the phone the take turns shitting on him. The crew talks about times they bombed on stage and how bad it was. We also have a whirl wind report with Adam Mallett – Live Monday’s 9PM-10PM EST World Wide

AE RADIO SHOW – 2013-09-16 – EP 049


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Ep 049 – Special guest tonight comedian Kristin Anne Seltman. No Brianna tonight, poor girl had a incident. what happen to Bri Bri?? Find out next week. Arty and JR do their Sly Stallone impressions. JR talks about how his local neighborhood liquor store tried to pull a fast one on him. Arty talks about his West coast adventure and how he was double down on hotels, re-enacting scenes from the movie “Sideways”, Portland strip clubs and visited the Full House house. Jr talks about he doesn’t tip. The gang talks about the use of air penis pumps and do a little Florida Crime news. We also have a whirl wind report with Adam Mallett – Live Monday’s 9PM-10PM EST World Wide

AE RADIO SHOW – 2013-09-09 – EP 048


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Ep 048 – Arty is out exploring the west coast. Comedian and Kathy from Good Will Hunting, Colleen McCauley stops by and hangs out with the show. Jr talks about this Metallica movie that’s coming out that he is very excited about. We bring back the story how Brianna crossed state lines as a 15 year old. Jr talks about how he wants to go on a Tequila bender with his mom in Mexico but is afraid of being kidnapped by the Mexican gangster. Brianna talks about how she beats people up when she was younger. The question of JR’s Sexuality comes up once again. We find out we have sound board JR and he continues to state he has no comments on the church of Scientology. Colleen talks about problems with her vagina. Some Florida Crime New, Arty checks in on the road and a whirl wind report with Adam Mallett – Live Monday’s 9PM-10PM EST World Wide

2013 Baseball Road Trip 2013 – Day 1 – 8/31/13 Update 1

  • The is Arty’s Baseball Road Trip 2013 – Documentary, that will take place over the next 11 days (8/31/13 – 9/11/13)
  • Follow My exact GPS location on the map by Click here
  • To Check out the entire trip, Click here

With hours before the trip begins, I have been going over the maps and eta. I looks like on the first day, I will be going straight to Albuquerque and not taking a 100 mile detour to see the two sites I have talked about. The reason is simply because the next day I will have a 14 hour drive, and tomorrow or later today I will be flying thru 3 timezones and I’m sure to be a little tired. Also In addition, the last 2 hours of the oringal trip takes me on a 2 lane highway in the dark.

Instead I will stay on I-25 the whole way. I think for the first day this is the safe route to take. My eta should be around 7:30 rather then almost 9 MT.

If there are any sites along the way on 25, I def will be sure to check them out AND if there is anyone reading this and knows anything cool to check out please shoot me a txt at 781-241-2941 or an email at

AE RADIO SHOW – 2013-08-26 – EP 047


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Ep 047 – Tonight on the show, special guest Beauty & Extraordinaire Haley Blanchette stops by. Jr talks about his date last Monday with his new lady friend. The owner of video underground, a place where JR has been banning since October, goes missing and suddenly JR becomes a person of interests. We talk a little Johnny Cockrin. We talk about JR past Halloween costumers as black men. We bring up Mike Vick AKA Ron Mexico and is herpes and Roberto Alomar and the HIV story. Brianna talks about buying sex toys at target. The subject of add ons to condoms comes up. Haley talks about getting arrested and her ex. JR talks about banging his first cousins. caller Dave calls and within minutes JR proposes sexual activities. A little MTV music award talk We got a new website, check it out and download! and of course a whirl wind report with Adam Mallett – Live Monday’s 9PM-10PM EST World Wide