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There are still good people out there, a story of holiday kindness

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I have to say I am very surprised with what happen to me last night. I was about to give up on the human race and buy a cabin in northern Maine and call it a day when something small but meaningful happen. There was a 36 hour period of ups and down and I was on an roller-coaster of goodness and shit.

Where do I start? How about Tuesday night during the snow storm up here in Boston. I was leaving one job to get to another job which usually takes about an hour (yes I have several jobs, unless people start buy ad time on the site, then I can sit on my ass and do this all day). On Tuesday when the snow was falling, the commute from job 1 to 2 took 5 hours. I got to the bar at 9:15 PM when I was suppose to be there at 6. I didn’t expect much out of that shift, considering the snow, but we are attached to a hotel so you never know. I got in to relieve the gal that opens. The week before the poor girl was force to work with a replacement of me when I was stuck in Phillie with the snow there. It was a steady night and although I only worked 4 hours, there were a lot of costumers who were in the same commuting and traveling nightmare as me and share the pain and might I say very generous.

So after a nice quick shift of doing alright, I headed home with no problems because at that point the roads where cleared. I usually get a solid 4 hours of sleep on nights I close the bar. I get up for work at 7, but on Wednesday I was hoping to get up at 6. Job 1 is working on a huge project and I wanted to get a nice dent into it before lunch. Well I closed my eyes at 2:30AM and woke up at 10AM. Alarm didn’t go off and I was 2.5 hours late for work rather then an hour early. I get to work and basically thought the rest of the day was going to suck, BUT I was able to finish everything I needed a lot sooner than I thought.

I was leaving job 1 at 6 to go to the Celtics game with my buddy and co-host. I was meeting him in Boston at the Sports Grill. When i got there they were giving out free Heineken. Free beer how can it be a bad day. Well I get to the game and the Celtics at one point have a 20 point lead, but then found a way to blow it and even though they kept it close to the end, they lost. After the game we were talking to Quincy Market. On the way there I wipe out on ice and slam to the ground landing on my arm hard. During the fall, my cell phone fell out of my pocket and I didn’t realize I didn’t have it for another quarter mile. I finally realized it and went back to where I fell. I couldn’t remember if I had it when I was leaving the game or not and my buddies phone was dead so I couldn’t even make a call. The phone was no where to be found and I just assumed it would be my now 4th lost or stolen Iphone in 5 years.

When I got back to the car in Quincy, about 2 hours after I fell, I drove further south about 20 minutes to my house which then I fired up my iPad and my find a phone app to track it. It said the phone was in a building near by where I feel. It was at the Onyx Hotel so I figured someone took it and they are staying at the hotel. I was going to go back, but then what? I didn’t even know it was at the hotel, it could of been still on the street somewhere. As soon as I sent the message to my phone from the app with my gfs phone number, I noticed that someone tweeted my buddy and asked if we were at the game and they know where my phone is. By this time my buddy was having a convocation with the girl and he had messaged me on Facebook and contacted my gf. My iPad can send out txt message so I was communicating with the girl on twitter, my buddy and my gf. I was told my phone was turned in to the front desk of the Onyx Hotel. It was dropped near by and someone assumed either I was staying there or figured I could track it to there.

So this is how it all went down. Since my phone was locked, no one could get into it, but when you get an alert from twitter or Facebook or a txt it will show up on the screen. My buddy and I host a radio show and I run a couple of blogs including this one and we are always adding people on twitter to help bring traffic to the show and site. Someone I added, added me back and there user name was displayed on my phone “@#@#@ has started following you on twitter”. The girl who found my phone (which I have never spoken to) tweeted that person who started following me and then that person messaged my buddy because he had tagged me in an instagram which is connected to my  tweeter and  said that someone found my phone and got a hold of her because they didn’t know if we knew each other and brought the phone to the Onyx hotel, where I had tracked my phone to anyways.

A crazy set of events had just occurred between my buddy, two girls on twitter we never met before and the nice people at the hotel who held my phone and called my gf when i sent the distress message to the phone with her number. Why did someone take the time to contact someone they seen on my phone and return it to a safe place? I have no idea. It would of been something I would of done, but I know there are many people who would of just stole it or not even bothered. I don’t even know any information on the person who found the phone. I would like to at least buy them a drink for saving me a massive headache and cost. I wasn’t up for a contract so my new phone would of cost a few 100 dollars.

It was a small jester, but went a long way. I really appreciate a few strangers doing the right thing and being good people. Say what you want to say about Boston people or people from MA, but there are good ones up here and instead of my spending the day dealing with getting a new phone and tracking down contacts, I can relax and reflect on a few strangers that helped me out on a cold night in Boston.

84 – The Big Wasabi @djArty84 on twitter and


Bar Review – The Point – Boston MA


The Point – 147 Hanover St, Boston, MA 02108 –

First time I was here was before a Celtics game. One of my buddies comes here all the time. I like The Point because of its location, its close to everything. I never have a problem finding a place to sit at the bar before a game and the food is good. They don’t have the greatest beer selection, but I can get over that. At night on the weekends, the place gets a little wild so finding a place to sit is tough since there is a small area in the bar. I guess they have an upper level. Not sure when it is open though. I know you can rent space there.

I have scheduled this place several times on Bar Crawls around the city. The staff here is awesome. The bartender I had while writing this was a sweet heart blonde girl who was very attentive and didn’t keep me waiting for a drink. There is a nice mix of people who drink here. College kids to old men, which is a cool thing for a bar. They get a lot of regulars in here too which always looks good when reviewing a place. Not sure if there is a cover on weekend nights.

There is no parking except for the MBTA lot across the street at 17 bucks, but the train is right there. Its defiantly a place you would go if you were in town for school work or as a tourist. I would suggest this place to anyone who was looking for good service, good food and a good vibe. For a small place, there are TV‘s everywhere, so if you are looking for a place to watch the game, go there. Just get there early because space is limited.

  • Vibe: 8
  • Beer Selection: 5
  • Friendliness and knowledge of staff: 9
  • Food: 8
  • Accessibility: 8
  • Seating area: 5
  • Total: 43 out of 60 (B)

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This has been a review from 84 – The Big Wasabi @djArty84 on twitter and

Bar Review – West Tavern & Restaurant – Philadelphia PA

Inside West Tavern one

West Tavern & Restaurant – 11440 Callowhill St, Philadelphia, PA 19130 –

While wandering the streets of Philie for my one day lay over, I asked Siri if there was a bar near by where I was. She told me West Tavern. It was about 1 mile from my hotel in center city. I walked in not knowing what to expect and I was surprised. I thought I was going to be in some dark lit dive bar with some rough looking people in there, but it wasn’t that at all. There were a lot of people from all lines of work popping after a cold snowing Philie weekday.

I went in and took advantage of their happy hour specials. They had 2.50/3 dollar beers and cheap apps. My entire bill after 3 beers and some cheese sticks were about 15 bucks. Not to bad. Value was good, but unfortunately the cheese sticks were not. It might be because I am not use to the way they do cheese sticks in Philie, but they were as if they got them out of the frozen food section and dropped in dirty oil.

The girl working behind the bar was very nice and attentive. I didn’t catch her name but she was a young blonde girl. When I was there around 5 PM there was a good crowd there. After talking to some people about the West Tavern, I heard it is a happening spot on the weekend nights. I guess they call it “Westies”. There were a lot of TV’s there so watching the games there would be good. There was also plenty of bar space and seating space. The place is located next to a big parking lot and there seemed like there was a good amount of street parking. I am not sure what part of the town I was in, but it was on the other side of 676 that ran through town.

Over all i can’t complain of then the food. I only had the cheese sticks so everything else could be good for all I know. I’d go back again if I was in the area.

  • Vibe:6
  • Beer Selection:7
  • Friendliness and knowledge of staff:7
  • Food:1
  • Accessibility:8
  • Seating area:7
  • Total: 36  out of 60 (C)

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This has been a review from 84 – The Big Wasabi @djArty84 on twitter and

Bar Review – 1518 Bar and Grill – Philadelphia PA


So here at the Packie we figured we will start doing reviews of things such as bars, movies, kitty litter. Anything that gets eyes on the page, am I right? So we decided to kick off the bar review section today and I figure lets start this the right way and have a positive review.

1518 Bar and Grill – 1518 Sansom St, Philadelphia, PA 19102 –

Last night I was in the great city of brotherly love totally by a force of nature that for some reason doesn’t allow planes to leave the ground. I was on route back to Boston with a layover in Phillie. I was coming home from Florida after spending a relaxing mid holiday break with my parents and grandmother.

Once I got to Philie, I received a phone call that my plane was grounded. Instead of spending the night at the airport, I made arrangements to stay downtown and fly out the next day. As any drunk for Boston would do, I searched out a place to eat and have a few drinks. After stopping in a few spots I came across 1518 Bar and Grill. It was a stones through from the hotel I was staying at in center city.

It was a Tuesday night and there was a pretty good crowd when I got in there. The place has a nice vibe and I had awesome convocation with some of the people at the bar. There seems to be a lot of professionals that drink and eat here. There defiantly wasn’t any shady people and being from Boston I know shady. They have a nice section of beers on tap and a full bar. They also have a drink list with house drinks on there. I am not sure about happy hour since I got there around 8.They have a nice section of food from apps to salads to full meals. Seafood seems to be a popular item on the menu. I got the chicken tenders off the app menu and they were very good. It is a narrow place, so there isn’t much room to stand if you don’t get a bar seat or table and they didn’t have many TVs so if you were looking for a place to watch a couple of games at once, this is probably not the place.

While I was there I had a few beers on tap and their house Cab which also was very good. The bartender was a sweet heart from up state NY name Kiley. She was very attentive and knew what she was doing. She said she had been doing it for a while and it shows. Being a bartender nothing bothers me more then being ignored at the bar when I need something and this defiantly wasn’t the case here. I also met the owner who was there at the time. Very nice guy.

If you’re if in Phillie I would defiantly recommend stopping by the 1518 Bar and Grill for lunch, dinner or a few drinks. I def will be back next time the sox are in town.

  • Vibe: 9
  • Beer Selection: 8
  • Friendliness and knowledge of staff: 10
  • Food: 9
  • Accessibility: 9
  • Seating area: 6
  • Total: 51 out of 60 (A-)

There Facebook Page:

This has been a review from 84 – The Big Wasabi @djArty84 on twitter and

Top Cities in North America Run Down


Over the last 29 years of my life, I have been to many cities around the world but particularly most of my travel has been in North America. I have been to 48 states and two Canadian provinces in North America and I decided I was going to pick 100 of the cities I have either lived in, stayed the night or visited one time or another and explore them deeper. It was hard to get the list down to 100, although I wanted to include good, bad and average cities on the list to give a well rounded assessment of my experiences.

What will I be covering? Basically I will assess the city on night life, friendliness of the people, food and drinks, stuff to do, accessibility and everything in between.

Here are the cities I will be exploring (in order by state and not rank) over the next year I will be ranking the cities starting with number 100.  Where will your city land? got to read to find out.

84 – The Big Wasabi

Mobile Alabama
Scottsdale Arizona
Phoenix Arizona
Little Rock Arkansas
San Francisco California
La Jolla California
San Diego California
Huntington Beach California
Bullton/Slovang California
Los Angeles California
Sacramento California
Anaheim California
Oakland California
Denver Colorado
Mystik Connecticut
Norwalk Connecticut
Stamford Connecticut
Hartford Connecticut
Bridgeport Connecticut
New Haven Connecticut
Washington District of Columbia
Miami Florida
Key West Florida
Daytona Florida
Orlando Florida
Clearwater Florida
Pensacola Florida
Panama City Florida
St. Petersburg Florida
Tampa Florida
Fort Lauderdale Florida
Port St. Lucie Florida
Jacksonville Florida
Fort Myers Florida
Sarasota Florida
Cape Coral Florida
Savannah Georgia
Atlanta Georgia
Chicago Illinois
Indianapolis Indiana
Evansville Indiana
Cedar Rapids Iowa
Louisville Kentucky
New Orleans Louisiana
Portand Maine
Standish Maine
Baltimore Maryland
Columbia Maryland
Boston Massachusetts
Cambridge Massachusetts
Revere Massachusetts
Worcester Massachusetts
Springfield Massachusetts
Lowell Massachusetts
Detroit Michigan
Minneapolis Minnesota
Gulf Port/Bolixi Mississippi
Kansas City Missouri
St. Louis Missouri
Las Vegas Nevada
Rachel Nevada
Reno Nevada
North Conway New Hampshire
Portsmouth New Hampshire
Manchester New Hampshire
Trenton New Jersey
Albuquerque New Mexico
New York New York
Cooperstown New York
Buffalo New York
Fayetteville North Carolina
Cleveland Ohio
Cincinnati Ohio
Dayton Ohio
Oklahoma City Oklahoma
Toronto Onterio
Niagra Falls Onterio
Portland Oregon
Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
Hersey/Intercourse Pennsylvania
Montreal Quebec
Providence Rhode Island
Charleston South Carolina
Columbia South Carolina
Dillon South Carolina
Sioux Falls South Dakota
Nashville Tennessee
Memphis Tennessee
Peigion Forge Tennessee
Dallas Texas
Houston Texas
Fort Worth Texas
Texakana Texas
Austin Texas
Salt Lake City Utah
Alexandria Virginia
Richmond Virginia
Seattle Washington
Millwaukee Wisconsin

AE RADIO SHOW – 2013-11-24 – EP 059


Click to Listen to Episode 059

Author Kacy aka Armanis Ar-feinial stops by for the 2nd time to talk about his book being published. JR is his usual honest self to him. We find more about Tony Sabatori, Arty’s “Friend”. We find out some interesting info about our guest. Arty wishes his friends a happy engagement and JR is very optimistic about their future. We talk a little about Arty’s ADD. JR brings up the topi of wet dreams and explains how he never had one. Arty introduces a new character to the Spencer. Towards the end of the show JR can only take so much and taps out on Arty. A song from Arty & Joe called “Teenage Romance” and a whirl wind report with Adam Mallett. how brought to you by The Packie –

Funniest Foot Locker Commercial ever

images (10)

I stumbled across this commercial online late last night and I have to say I can’t really tell what my favorite part is. The fact that they got Tyson gives Holyfield his ear back is epic. Its too bad Foot Locker didn’t wait till the Super Bowl to air the Gem, it would of easily been top 5.

84 – The Big Wasabi